Grubmarket – Save on Healthy Food!


So, like thousands of other people in the world, hubby and I made a solid commitment to eating healthier and getting some exercise this year (and hopefully the next and the next and the next!). It’s hard! But one thing that makes it a little easier is being able to enjoy, guilt-free, the food that […]

Proofread with Grammarly!

grammarly logo

Let’s face it. Not all of us are good spellars. Spelers. Spellers. But here’s the thing: if you want to be taken seriously, those things that you put in writing are going to make you look really good…or really bad. A business letter, school paper, or even an invoice with bad grammar and spelling is […]

Jesus Today Devotions for Kids

Jesus Today for Kids

Our little guy is thrilled with the devotional books that he’s gotten in the past few weeks! This little guy has such a tender heart and love for the Lord. Jesus Today is by the same author who wrote the wildly popular ‘Jesus Calling’. You probably have a copy of it! One of the things […]

Free I’m Blessed T-Shirt!

i'm blessed

Are you blessed? Get an ‘I’m Blessed’ T-Shirt absolutely free! Click here for yours. Why are they doing this? A statement from Bob Salim:      Hi, my name is Bob Salim. I want to give you a t-shirt for free, and here’s why:      I believe that God has blessed me. I have a beautiful family, I […]

Free Gift For You and Two Friends at L’Occitane

l'occitane free gift

Totally free! Just “send” this free gift to two friends, and you’ll get one, too! No purchase required! Go here for yours! While supplies last.

Win a Prize Pack from ‘The Choice’ Movie!

The Choice Book

Gotta admit it…I love Nicholas Sparks books and movies! I know…they’re the quintessential chic flicks, but who doesn’t love a love story? And now there’s a new one for us to look forward to! It comes out on Friday, February 5th, and we’ve got a prize pack for you to celebrate!!! We’re giving one lucky […]

Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

little paris bookshop

Once I started reading this book, I could hardly put it down! First of all, I love to read. Secondly, Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. Thirdly, it’s about a bookshop! The story centers around Monsieur Perdu, a bookseller who finds the perfect books to “heal” the reader. How intriguing! He […]

Book Review: The Plans I Have For You Devotional and Journal for Kids

plans i have

Here at our house, we fervently believe that our children are never too young to begin learning about God’s plan for their lives. We have introduced them to devotions at an early age, and when we received the opportunity to take a look at this ‘The Plans I Have For You’ devotional and journal, we […]

Free Subscription to Family Circle Magazine!


Hurry over for a FREE one-year subscription to Family Circle Magazine! You’ll have to answer a few questions about your industry. If you work as a homemaker, just click ‘other’. No credit card required.  

Single Serve Coffee Makers for the Consistent Quality

~~This post was written by a guest contributor~~ The era for drip coffee makers is almost done and the idea of single serve coffee makers is replacing this. Although it is a great investment for you but it means a lot when you want to have a quality in a cup of coffee. Making a […]

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