FREE Blogger Opp! 3 Winners win a set of 6 Bluewick Candles valued at $210 each!

Super Bluewick Candle Giveaway!

Free Blogger Opp ~ One Free Facebook Link for Participating!

There will be THREE winners who will each win a set of six (6) Bluewick Candles valued at $210! The blogger who refers the most fellow bloggers will win a set of these awesome candles, too!

The giveaway will be from Dec. 3 – 7, a short duration, and I am asking each blogger to do your best at promoting since this is the sponsor’s very first time working with us in the blogosphere. If he has a great experience, (and with you awesome bloggers, I’m sure he will!) then he will definitely want to work with some of you for additional giveaways and reviews!

I know it may seem like a lot, but I am asking you to promote at least once per day on your blog’s Facebook page and I’d like to do a push at the beginning (a stomp) where we all do a shout-out on our pages on Monday night, December 3rd at 7pm. Can you do that for me?

Feel free to direct your questions to Thanks a bunch!!!

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