Earn $$ with Ibotta, a fantastic new program/app!

Ibotta is now in over 40 stores!

Get Koolaid Flavor Bursts FREE! Here’s how:

They are $1 at Walmart

and there is a $1 Ibotta refund = FREE

This is so cool! You can earn $20 (or even more!) per shopping trip right from your phone. This is a free app and you ‘tap’ the earnings that you want on your phone screen, then when you buy that item, the reward goes right into your account!

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Exciting New Features

Fresh offers

Ibotta is spicing things up by adding in more new offers! Offers come and go, so be sure to add your favorite new offers to your Shopping List by completing at least one task.

Clearer expiration dates

Once an offer has been placed on your Shopping List, it will stay there until the posted expiration date – guaranteed!

Quickly pick your store

Ibotta now works at over 37 retailers. Choose a store where you’ve shopped recently, one that’s nearby, or select based on a full list in alphabetical order.

New offer indicator

Ibotta now indicates the total number of new offers in your Product Gallery as well as by category on the category sorter.

Tweet and Earn with Ibotta

You can now earn even more cash with Ibotta by tweeting your friends about select product offers.

Here’s my Paypal account for just a few days: I’ve earned $27 and I have more on the way!

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