ADK Packworks Bag/Pack

This is a super cool item and would make a great gift! The great folks at ADK Packworks sent us one of their bags to check out and share our thoughts with you. This is a really innovative product. It’s a tote, a backpack, a bag…whatever you want it to be!

Inspired by a 150 year old design, ADK Packworks has created a new category for the pack and bag industry by developing a patent pending 4-sided internal structural folding frame. It has incorporated this design into a range of grocery & shopping bags/totes and recreational backpacks that offer a ton of functional features.

ADK Packworks™ has created a semi-rigid, lightweight, internal frame that folds easy for storage and stays upright, independent of load. An adjustable strap allowing for a variety of carrying positions (two-handled, over-the-shoulder, and backpack style) is also included. As an accessory, a removable cooler can be purchased for greater shopping flexibility.

Want a few of these for yourself? Click here to visit their website and take a look!

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