How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

 Your big day can turn into a big hassle if you are constantly worrying about how much money it will cost you. The numbers can quickly add up, leaving you little leftover to enjoy a honeymoon or life after the wedding. If you need to find areas where you can cut corners, look no further. Here are seven easy ways to save money on your ceremony without sacrificing quality.

 1.       Making the List

 Catering is one of the biggest expenses of any wedding. It goes without saying that the more mouths you have to feed, the more money you will spend. Take a look at your list and see who is a necessary part of your wedding. An easy way to decide is if you personally know the guest. If not, reconsider if you truly need them there on the biggest day of your life.

 2.       Timing Is Everything

 The most popular – and therefore most expensive – day to get married is on a Saturday. Therefore, brides on a budget should take a look at getting married on a Friday or Sunday. Not only are your choice venues more likely to be open, but they may also cost substantially less. If you are worried about out-of-towners, pick a date that falls on a traditional three-day weekend, like Labor Day or Memorial Day. Most people will have these days off work and therefore have additional travel time.

 3.       Ring a Ding Ding

 When you are looking at rings, take a look at the wedding sets. Not only do these rings match each other, but they are typically more affordable than buying the rings separately. You can even find trio sets, which come with the engagement ring and both wedding bands.

 The diamonds in your rings can also contribute to the cost. Before you settle on the carat you want, ask to try a carat that is a tenth to two-tenths smaller. You may not notice a visual difference, but the impact on your wallet can be substantial.

 For more information on engagement rings, wedding sets and wedding bands has excellent resources.  You can visit the store website here.

 4.       Music Matters

 There are three basic options for music at a reception: a band, a DJ and do-it-yourself. A band is the most expensive option. DJs are usually more affordable. They also give you a wide variety of music. An experienced DJ can help keep the flow of the reception going.

 If you are really looking to save, consider loading your songs onto a computer or mp3 player and having a friend guide the reception. You may only have to rent or borrow speakers this way, and you get to hand-pick every song that is played.

 5.       Flower Power

 You can easily save hundreds of dollars if you choose blooms that are in-season. You can order loose stems and put the bouquets together yourself to save some additional cash. Lastly, consider ordering the flowers online, where you can usually find even better deals than at your local florist.

 6.       Avoid the Extras

 Save-the-date cards are usually just an extra expense. Once you pick a date, simply let everyone know – especially those who need to travel. Wedding favors are a nice touch, but they aren’t a necessity. Most guests either forget them or toss them. You can either avoid them all together, or home-make things like baked goods or small crafts. The more you can do yourself, the more money you stand to save.




  1. KathyinSC says:

    Wonderful post! Love #6, Save The Date cards can be quite expensive and favors are also not necessary. Putting the saved money into the reception can make a huge difference and help you plan a wonderful and successful wedding.

  2. we did our whole wedding ourselves for quite cheap. These are some great tips on how to save. You should not put yourself in huge debt just to get married.

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