Book Review: In the Hall of the Mountain King

For just a minute, I want you to imagine with me. Here’s the scenario: I want to buy a book for my little guy. I think I’ll make a list of everything the perfect book would have.

1. Family-Friendly and in line with our values and morals.

2. He should really enjoy reading it.

3. The illustrations would be fabulous!

4. It would be fun, yet educational.

5. It would teach culture.

6. Even better, it would teach about one of my favorite subjects…music!

7. And I would prefer that it teach classical music from one of the great composers.

8. Hmmmm…it would be great if it had a CD with it so my little guy could hear the music that goes along with the story.

Wait…Allison Flannery’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ ticks all of the boxes! Unbelievable! Yet true.

Norwegian Composer, Edvard Grieg’s ‘Peer Gynt Suite’ includes music that you and your children are likely already familiar with. You know when you’re watching cartoons and it’s morning on the cartoon and you hear that ‘morning music’? Yep…that’s from Peer Gynt and on the book’s accompanying CD. (Click here to hear this piece of music and watch the kids pretend to sleep.) And most kids absolutely love the selection, ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’. (Click here to hear it and watch the kids dance around the room!)

The musical work is based on the 1967 play, ‘Peer Gynt’ by Henrik Ibsen, and the book and CD bring to life the great characters in the story and the fabulous music. The story is set in Norway, Grieg’s home country. A little boy named Peer is exploring the woods and discovers a treasure…a castle! He explores hallways and exciting rooms and finally bumps into…gasp…the Mountain King himself! You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next!

The book is geared toward children 5-9. The CD has five pieces from the ‘Peer Gynt Suite’. You can even find lesson plans and a puppet-making sheet on the author’s website. Studies have shown that there is a definite correlation between music and learning. Exposing your children to great music will enhance their education and not only that, it’s fun!
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