Pfabulous and Pfanciful Pfashions Pfor Pfamilies! Pfrom Pfister!

Pfabulous and Pfanciful Pfashions Pfor Pfamilies! Pfrom Pfister!

Pfirst things Pfirst…

It’s the year 2003, and you’ve just gotten married. Congratulations! In 2006, you and your spouse decide to buy your first home – a ‘starter’ home. It’s small, and more of a fixer-upper than you would prefer, but you have some design skills, right? You watch HGTV a few times a month, right? And then the babies arrive…

Pfast Pforward…

It’s now 2014, and You. Haven’t. Moved. Not only have you stayed put, you haven’t ‘pfixed up’ your ‘pfixer-upper’. And since the housing market went the way of the Titanic, you’ll be staying right where you are for the foreseeable pfuture. What to do? Take heart. You have options. You have the internet, you have Google, the term DIY is now in the dictionary, and you have Pfister!

Pflea Market Pfurniture Pfinds…

Your local flea market or thrift store can provide you with a plethora of options. A little bit of elbow grease and knowhow will give you a whole new look. Check out this great piece from Stephen Floyd Design:

Stephen says, “I picked up this old style dresser out of the neighbor’s trash. Took the old hardware off and wrapped the bottom with a 6 inch reclaimed plank of old oak. The inspiration for color and finish came from an exterior wall at the Aquarium in Charleston SC. Everywhere I travel, or even walking down the street, I seem to absorb and mentally file color schemes and textures that inspire me for future works.”                           

A quick internet search on ‘DIY design projects’ will turn up enough results to keep you busy for the next pfifteen years, until the kids are in college and you can turn their rooms into something pfun for you! Like your dream closet…or…your dream closet.


Paint is your Pfriend

Speaking of paint, it’s a design star. Whether house paint or craft paint, it can help you turn a boring, blah room into something that you can be proud of. The painted geometric pattern on this bathroom floor is a stunning example, again from Stephen Floyd Design. Originally a herringbone-pattern hardwood floor, the paint was hand mixed, and tape was not used, so as to present an authentic, handcrafted look.      

Pfamily Pfriendly Pfine Pfurnishings

“Don’t touch that! Don’t sit there! Don’t walk on that! Don’t even look at that!” How many times have those words come out of your mouth when the kids are around? Did you know that with a little ingenuity, it’s possible to have a lovely room filled with beautiful things that work with your family? While the kids are growing, consider using ‘pfurnishings’ that will not give you a panic attack when touched or played with. A glass vase full of seashells, a wooden bowl of baby pinecones, nubby pillows and comfy throws are all friendly pieces that will enhance your room and are easily replaceable when little hands get involved. This comfy corner in a room designed by CSR Interiors is a perfect example. Notice the natural elements on the side table, and the soft throw on the arm of the chair. This is the perfect place to curl up with a 3 year old and a Dr. Seuss book. ‘One Pfish, Two Pfish’, maybe?

And speaking of little hands, consider allowing those little hands to help you decorate. Give your kids an 8×10 canvas and some paint and let them go at it. You will be amazed at how the pop of color on your walls adds to the décor, and this is original art that comes cheap!

For another ‘pfamily pfriendly’ idea: buy a roll of chalkboard film.

Chalkboard film is a very inexpensive way to get a very unique look. The inside doors of this pantry were updated with two panels of chalkboard film to give it a homey appearance. Small squares of chalkboard film can be applied to mason jars to identify contents, or placed on the back of a kitchen door to keep track of family appointments and events. And little ones can have a ball ‘coloring on the walls’ if you put a piece of chalkboard film where they tend to showcase their ‘artistic abilities’.


Here’s what you need to remember: spend less money on items that are not as permanent, like pillows and knick-knacks, and allocate more of your design budget to those items that tend to be more permanent ‘pfixtures’, like kitchen and bathroom hardware and accessories. Your faucets and handles will likely have to last a long time, as well as complement your décor and stand up to a lot of family wear and tear. Pfister has a beautiful selection of kitchen and bathroom pieces that will fit any style, whether ultra-modern and sleek or ‘Pfrench Pfarmhouse’. The easy-to-use faucet selector will help you to choose your perfect faucet for your kitchen or bath.

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