Medu Onyx Necklace

medu necklace

This beautiful accessory would add a great finish to your outfit of choice. Wear it with your favorite LBD for a fun evening out, or put it on with a white shirt and black leggings for a casual lunch with the girls.

Onyx is a member of the quartz family, and more specifically of the chalcedony group. This is a type of fibrous quartz that displays bands of color within a gemstone. Even more specifically, onyx is a variety of agate, which displays fibrous bands in white and black, sometimes with gray, although most often the stone is dyed so that it appears pure black. While black onyx is the most famous, there is also Sardonyx, which features slim red bands running through the black stone. The name onyx comes from the Ancient Greek word for fingernail.

When choosing a quality onyx stone, be sure to look for an absence of pits, nicks and a well-polished appearance. Onyx typically appears as either a translucent or opaque gemstone. Most often jewelry is made out of real onyx, whereas carving and other items may be made out of a synthetic onyx that has been found coming from Pakistan and Mexico.

Onyx is typically used to make beads, and sometimes appears in cameos. Onyx is mined in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay and Scotland and has excellent toughness and wearability.

This necklace has 10mm onyx beads and a beautiful .925 silver clasp.

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