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If you’re reading Coupondipity, then it’s highly likely you’re always after a good deal on whatever it is you’re buying.

For years, there have been websites to help you do this. Just in the last year, I have gotten Mr. Coupondipity in the habit of never buying anything online without first checking to see if there’s a promo code or coupon. You should do the same – you’d be surprised at how many times you can get a better price on an item you’re purchasing.

Here’s the thing: all of the coupon/deal/promo code sites were kind of the same. They offered the same info, the same deals, etc.

But Dealspotr, the new kid on the block, is actually upping the game. The information that you find there is more comprehensive because Dealspotr actually rewards users for posting promo codes, deals and coupons. And we all know (because of Pavlov) that when there’s a reward involved, people rush to grab it. For Dealspotr, that means more users, and more users equates to more deals. And for you, more deals means bigger and better savings on the stuff you buy.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell (we’ll take it out of the nutshell if you read on): you post a deal or coupon or promo code. You get “Karma” points. Save up enough Karma points and grab your reward of an Amazon gift card. Simple!

But wait…there’s more! There’s a social element involved on Dealspotr, too. If you upvote or recommend others’ deals, you get Karma points. If one of those deals that you recommend becomes “popular” or “trending”, you get more Karma points. If someone recommends your deal, you get Karma points. If one of your deals turns “popular” or “trending” you get Karma points…lots of ‘em!

You can also comment on others’ deals, and they can comment on yours. More Karma.

I have to warn you, though. It gets kind of addictive. There’s a “leader board” on the side banner of the website showing who has posted the most deals for the day. You’re going to want to top that leader board. Trust me. Your competitive streak is going to kick in and you will work for it!

You’ll also find every little bit of information you could possibly want: how many Karma points you earned for posting a deal, recommending a deal, how many deals you’ve posted for the day, who has recommended or commented on your deals. There’s also an area for which merchants are the most active for the day, trending deals, latest deals, popular deals. You can search by category, store, deal type, or who even posted the deal. Seriously – what more could you ask for in a deal site?

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You can also “follow” other users or follow stores. And then they will be the first ones to show up in your “feed” so that you always have the latest coupons and deals for the stores you frequent the most.

Obviously, not every deal, coupon, or promo code will work all the time. That’s just the nature of the ever-evolving and fluctuating world wide web. But Dealspotr moderators work very hard to constantly verify whether or not a deal is valid, and if not, it’s promptly removed.

The Dealspotr site itself is super user-friendly. It can’t be much easier than clicking a button that says, “Add Deal”. At that point, you choose from a list of merchants (there are hundreds and hundreds), post the main details about the deal (15% off, free shipping, etc.) and the code or coupon. Boom. Done. It literally takes about 10 seconds.

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If you want to post more details, you are given that option. You can include photos, more details, even the specific page on the website where the deal is located, or an expiration date. But you don’t have to do all of that.

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See those pink circled areas? Those are the only pieces of info that I had to include. As you can see, it only takes a moment.

Another way to simply post a deal is to show users that you’ve found the best online price. Just put in the retail price that you found, the online price you found, and Dealspotr will calculate the percentage saved. Pretty cool!

Here are the things I love about this site:

  1. The rewards (duh). I’ve already earned close to $100 in Amazon certificates!
  2. Ease of use
  3. No repeated promo codes (the system kicks out duplicates)
  4. Did I mention the rewards?
  5. A more complete list of deals than anywhere else I’ve found on the web
  6. Getting to “know” other Dealspotr users
  7. The super duper search feature

Here are the things I don’t love so much:

  1. If you find a deal online and the merchant is not loaded into the Dealspotr website, there’s no way to add it.
  2. Uh…nothing else I don’t love.

Check out Dealspotr. If you don’t see a savings on items that you buy, I’ll eat my shorts. Well, not really. But if I did, I could find more shorts at bargain prices using Dealspotr!

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