Shaken by Tim Tebow – A Stirring New Book


When I got the opportunity to review Tim Tebow’s new book ‘Shaken‘, I was thrilled. Not only because I knew that the book would be fabulous, but because I know Tim’s family, and his sister Christy is one of my dearest friends (I was even honored to sing in her wedding!)

I have known this beautiful family for 20 years, and knowing how they walk the walk and talk the talk, I knew that the book would be an inspirational and very “real” read.

Having traveled to the Philippines with the Tebow family (Tim was too young to go on this particular trip), you see people as they really are. I believe that three of the Tebow siblings were on this particular trip along with Dad Tebow, and I can now look back and see where Tim received his incredible resilience. We were in tough circumstances, and they just continued to show the love of Christ through many long days of hard work.

When Tim began his college football career, we delighted in seeing “our” Florida Gators rule the college football world. I was actually born in Gainesville where the University of Florida is located, so I like to tell people that I’m a “Native” Gator! Throughout this time period, Tim’s fame grew, but his ego didn’t. How difficult for a young guy with the world falling at your feet telling you that you’re “Superman” to stay humble. But he did. After making history as the first Sophomore Heisman Trophy winner, I have to say that we all thought that Timmie (his mom Pam said we can still call him that!) would have a long and stellar NFL Career. I’m sure that Tim thought so, too. But God had other plans. And here’s a newsflash: God’s plans are always better, even if we don’t realize it at the time.

This book is not simply a biography about Tim’s football career that didn’t go as he’d expected; it is a book about faith and trust in God, no matter what. There are times when we all go through things that we don’t understand, and we question how a good God would allow these things to happen to us. And how much more difficult that Tim had to experience all of this on a national and very public stage.

This book will give you some insight into how Tim handled this painful period in his life with the help of his family and friends and of course, the ultimate help of the Lord. And you will be able to hold his experiences up to your own hardships as a mirror, to see some ways that you can handle difficult circumstances.

This book was a bit more personal to me than it may be to you, but I guarantee you will learn something about going through tough times, and some ways to handle it.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon here. Enjoy!



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