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Have you ever heard of Homeselfe? This is a cool (and free) app that evaluates your home’s energy efficiency to help you save on utility bills.

Homeselfe is a patent pending technology that creates a digital mock-up of your home and guides you through the key areas that contribute to your energy bill. Walk through your home and answer our questions at your own pace. Once complete, you’ll get our free, instant report that provides a clear picture of your home’s energy efficiency, where you need to improve, and what upgrades take priority.

Your Homeselfe report breaks down the energy efficiency of your home, and the priority of energy upgrades. Get money-saving tips, info on energy rebates, and connect with local contractors who can make your home more friendly for you, the environment—and your wallet!

With modern technological advances and the increasing number of connected devices and appliances, the need for electricity is increasing—and so are our energy bills.

By going energy efficient, you not only lower your energy costs, but take the initiative to conserve energy and protect the environment.

You also have the added benefit of improving the comfort of your home!

Homeselfe also helps you take action. We’ll connect you with qualified local contractors, and provide information on special offers and rebates provided by your local government, so you can quickly earn money back on your upgrades, and start reaping the long-term benefits sooner.

And now Homeselfe is giving one lucky reader a $250 Visa Gift Card! Just enter on the giveaway app below.

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