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I was recently given the opportunity to take a look at intelliARMOR’s intelliGLASS screen protector for my iPhone. I am loving this accessory for my phone! I’m not the most careful person in the world, and I tend to shove my phone in my purse, tote or pocket. Or accidentally sit on it. Or drop it. And a scratched screen drives me nuts. Not to mention the fact that replacing a screen is costly, and my readers know I do NOT like to waste money. This protector is inexpensive – mine only costs $11.95. And that’s not a lot to spend for protection and peace of mind!


This screen protector is everything a screen protector should be. First of all, let’s talk about the installation. Super easy. You don’t have to have an engineering degree to immediately start using this little gem. As a matter of fact – check out this little video of how easy installation is:

Piece of cake, right? This is not a cheap, plastic screen protector. It’s real glass with an ultra hard (9H) glass inner layer and an “Oleophobic” outer layer. This is great for me because this helps it to repel oil, grease and smudges (like my smudgy fingerprints!). It also helps to prevent scratches, and absorb shock, you know, like when you stupidly drop your phone.

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Each intelliGLASS kit includes

  1. • 0.33 MM intelliGLASS screen protector
  2. • Touch screen cleaner
  3. • Dust removal tape
  4. • Microfiber Cloth
  5. • intelliARMOR home buttons (do not work with fingerprint scanners)

Unfortunately I can’t show you the product in use, because, well, it’s clear glass for one, and secondly, I have to use my phone to take the photos. But hopefully you can see by the description what a great product this is. Basically, it’s armor for your phone.

Because it’s the world’s thinnest screen protector, you hardly notice it’s there, so the integrity and aesthetic of your phone is protected. It doesn’t interfere with your touch capabilities, either.

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intelliARMOR is so sure that you will love their products, that all are backed by a lifetime warranty! And they also have a world-class customer support team. And get this – if you purchase one of their products and write a review and email it to them, they will send you an additional intelliARMOR product of equal or lesser value free!

And just for my readers, use code INTELLI20 for 20% off your purchase!

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