Get Your House Company Ready in No Time With These Fall Cleaning Tips!

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Give me two seconds and I can tell you something about yourself: you feel as though you just don’t have enough hours in the day!

Fall is just around the corner, and it brings not only fun, football and food, but its own set of challenges. The kids are back in school and you’ve become soccer mom, chauffeur mom, teacher, cupcake baker, lunch maker and so on…and on…and on.

If you’re like me, it’s a little harder to keep things organized, fresh and clean. But there are all kinds of things you can do to quickly give your space a refresher and “Pick Me Up” without taking a huge amount of time. If company’s is on the way in 15 minutes, you can use some simple tips to make sure that you’re not featured on the next episode of Hoarders.

Fall is the perfect time to give your home a refresh. ACCORDING TO A RECENT SURVEY*, THE

The end of summer signals a shift in routines and mindset. The start of a new school year forces busy parents to get their homes organized to tackle hectic school year schedules and the time to get their laundry list of home projects – big or small – underway in prep for the chaos of the holiday season.


Pick up an inexpensive auto trunk organizer. Not only are these great for the car, but they’re also great to organize cleaning supplies! But for the car, they keep all of your “stuff” from rolling around and getting lost under the seats, etc. Put all of your necessary car items, like jumper cables, a first aid kit, paper towels, bottled water, etc. in one of these handy organizers and get rid of the clutter. Just getting the clutter under control will give you a feeling of accomplishment!

After the car, now you’re ready to tackle the house.

For me, it’s important that my house smell clean, even if it’s not spic and span. A clean scent just makes everything seem nicer and more pleasant. I LOVE Febreze products and we have used them for years. Have you smelled their ‘Big Sur Woods’ products? I have been to Big Sur on the Pacific Coast – the air is clean, fresh and intoxicating. And Febreze has captured it!

Vibrant. Citrusy. Spicy. Febreze with Big Sur scent eliminates odors so your home smells like it’s perched on the limb of a sandalwood tree. It’s the perfect balance of jasmine and cherry for all the noses in your family.


First, there’s the Fabric Refresher. If you have kids, pets or humans living in your house, fabrics are going to get smelly at times. Let’s face it. I spray Febreze Fabric Refresher on sofas, sofa pillows and big comfy throws that the family likes to snuggle up in. And sometimes with little boys, they lounge around with those sofas, pillows and throws with sweaty little outside bodies. You know that smell? Little boy funk? Febreze Fabric Refresher takes care of it with a few spritzes. I also spray it in their backpacks. Do you know what little boys stuff in their backpacks? Trust me – it sometimes needs a little odor help.

• Use on hard-to-wash fabrics throughout your home like carpets, furniture, upholstery, bedding, toys, gym bags, and much more.

• Don’t use on fabrics that water spot, including silk, suede, and leather. Unsure? Test on a small area first.

• We suggest giving fabrics a weekly refresh (but we won’t blame you if you spray all day, every day!). It’s the perfect topper to your regular cleaning routine (and a great addition to your my-parents-are-visiting panic-induced cleaning routine).

And then there’s the Febreze Big Sur Woods Air Effects. A few sprays of this make the room smell fresh as a daisy. Or a picnic by the ocean on the cliff in Big Sur. You get it. It’s quick! Have a spritz and a smile.


• Use in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, that storage shed out back … anywhere odors are lingering in the air or you simply need an instant burst of freshness.

• Don’t use on fabrics (there’s Fabric Refresher for that), near an open flame, or (as with all air care products) near birds.

• Try adding as the final touch to your cleaning routine, and be sure to keep Air Effects on hand for those emergency odiferous situations.

The next thing to do for a quick clean up is to stash clutter. Put those odds and ends in a basket (laundry basket works great) or bin, move it out of the way and then sort it when you have a little more time.

Make your way to the bathroom and do a hit and run. Wipe down the faucet with a little bit of alcohol on a cotton ball. In just a couple of swipes, they’ll shine like new. Quickly wipe away any plops of toothpaste and rinse away residue from the soap holder. Make sure there’s a new roll of toilet paper on the roll, close the shower curtain, throw a cup of bleach in the toilet bowl and spray the room with Febreze Air Effects. Voila. Bathroom is company-ready.

In the family room or den, fluff the pillows, turn on lamps instead of harsh overhead lighting for a warm glow, and use a microfiber cloth to quickly wipe hard surfaces. Fold up any cozy throws, and spritz all of the fabric with Febreze Fabric Refresher.

Focus on areas that are eye level – your guests (hopefully) won’t be looking underneath tables and other furniture, or at the dust bunnies on the ceiling fan.

Get rid of pet hair quickly by throwing on some rubber gloves (dish gloves work great) and running your hands over problem areas (sofas, chairs), collecting the pet hair as you go.

Then grab a Swiffer WetJet and make sure that your floors are crumb free. When guest’s feet crunch across the floor, it’s just not pleasant. I have a lot of different types of floors in my home including wood, linoleum, and ceramic tile. The linoleum and tile are pretty forgiving, and you can’t really mess it up easily. But I’m more careful with the wood floors. I want them to be clean, but also maintain their shine for a long time. Sweeping tends to kick up any dust and aggravate allergies (and deposit the dust in the air, which lands on the furniture, which means I have to dust more). No thanks. Swiffer it!


When it comes to cleaning, wood floors react differently to cleaning solution than other hard surfaces. When a solution is sprayed on a wooden surface, it beads up instead of spreading out evenly. Beading of the solution can cause streaking and hazing when it is mopped up.

The newly formulated Swiffer WetJet solves for these challenges, providing a quick cleaning system that is proven to be safe on all types of wood floors and deliver breakthrough results.

New & Improved Swiffer WetJet gives you a more thorough clean in just minutes. That’s because the ABSORB + LOCK™ strip helps trap dirt & grime deep in the pad.

• New Pad with ABSORB + LOCK™ strip for improved absorption of dirt/grime.

• New Solution formula for more effective cleaning.

• Dual-spray nozzle solution dispense for a powerful floor clean.

• Reinforced handle releases the perfect amount of solution with the touch of a finger.

• Stronger pad attachment keeps your cleaning pad in place as you clean.

• Safe for cleaning virtually every finished wood floor type.

Now that we’ve given you some quick cleaning tips, how about we give you some stuff to help you clean? One of my readers will win a Swiffer and Febreze product! Just enter through the quick and easy Rafflecopter app below!

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  1. Kris Broyles says:

    I’m the last person that should be handing out cleaning tips top anybody, but I guess if I had to, I’d say work smarter, not harder! Get cleaning products designed to make cleaning easier (like the Swiffer) and you’ll be more likely to use them!

  2. Jenny Major says:

    My best cleaning tip is tackle a little bit each day so it’s no so overwhelming in one day!

  3. Laura G says:

    My best tip is to keep the sink clear – put dishes in the dishwasher as soon as they’ve been rinsed after a meal. No clutter and no having to fill the dishwasher later.

  4. Amy Orvin says:

    My best quick cleaning tip is to pick up after yourself daily. That way stuff doesn’t pile up and get cluttered.

  5. Kayley says:

    My tip is to listen to podcasts/audiobooks while you clean to make the chore more entertaining.

  6. Jessica N says:

    My best tip is to clean from the top! You don’t want to have to clean an area over again! Thanks for the great post and giveaway.

  7. Susan Christy says:

    One room at a time! Since I started doing that I finish so much faster and that’s great since I seriously dislike cleaning.

  8. Marlys says:

    You really make it appear so easy along with your
    presentation but I to find this topic to be really something that I believe I would by no means understand.
    It kind of feels too complicated and extremely huge for me.
    I am looking ahead in your next post, I’ll
    attempt to get the dangle of it!

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