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Now that winter is upon us in most areas of the country, it’s hard to encourage the family to hit the great outdoors and play outside. But it’s still important! Here in Florida, we don’t have this problem except during our 20 minutes of winter temps.

I have to admit, when I was a kid, I wasn’t much into outdoor play because I would rather be curled up somewhere with a book. But when I look back, I have all kinds of memories of playing outside! Riding bikes, skating, playing “Fort” or just kicking around with friends. Those memories are special.

Did you know that outdoor play increases kids’ problem-solving skills, creativity and attention? It can even promote them doing better in school! Who knew?

There are some great ways that you can encourage outdoor play. First and foremost, instead of “sending” your kids out to play, make it a family activity. They are much more likely to participate in a family game of flag football than trying to find creative play ideas themselves. And truth be told, it’s not such a bad idea for you to get some outdoor time yourself – soak up a little vitamin D!

Another idea is to take some of your kids’ favorite indoor toys out with them. Don’t you know that Barbie dolls love outside playtime?

Get to know your neighbors. In today’s world, we don’t connect in our neighborhoods as much as we used to. Make a point to change that. If your kids make friends with neighborhood kids, they’ll be beating down the doors to get outside.

Create a fun play space. Go to local thrift stores to find outdoor items that your kids will enjoy. Even take the kids with you and give them a budget to buy items for outdoor play. This accomplishes two things: getting outdoor items that your kids are excited about, and teaching them a little about spending and budgets. Win Win!


Create a scavenger hunt list or treasure hunt. You can do this with little ones or older ones. And if you really want them excited about it, offer a little extra tech time for the winner. Your kids will run you over getting out the door for that. You’ve been warned.

A trip to a playground is always a crowd pleaser. Even in winter months, bundle up those babies and take them to the park. They’ll find tons of stuff to do, probably meet friends, and you can take a breather (remember that good book you’re reading?) while they play.

For more ideas and info, visit http://voiceofplay.org/

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  1. Looks like your kids love the playground! Thanks for all the ideas!

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