Wonderful Halos Craft Basket and Coupons Giveaway


You know what one thing in our house we always have on hand? Wonderful Halos! For over a year now, we have really tried to maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle, and I’m happy to say that it’s working! And Halos are simply the perfect, go-to snack.

They’re low in calories (only about 50 each), easy to peel, portable, and have a sweet, juicy taste. In my book, that’s a win! Or I guess I should say a win-win-win-win.

The entire family loves these little orange orbs of deliciousness, and I love the fact that I can give the kids a snack that they enjoy that’s not full of sugar or fat.

I put them in salads, pack them in lunches, grab one (or two!) on the way out of the house for breakfast on the go, and a big bowlful lives on my kitchen counter at all times.

And have you thought about being a real rebel and giving these instead of candy for Valentine’s day? Parents will thank you!

You’ll find Halos in season from November to May, so grab them while you can!

And we’re giving one lucky Coupondipity reader a great prize package.

Inside, you’ll find: (just like the photo above)

Halos Heart plush
alos Coupons
-Halos Craft kit
-Halos stickers
-Halos Valentines Printable
-Idea Cards:

Halos Cupid
Halos Love Bug
Printable Valentines
Wrapping paper craft
Halos Breakfast Parfait
Yogurt Dipped Halos

To win, just head over to our Facebook page and tell us your favorite way to enjoy Wonderful Halos!

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