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As with many things, the ATG Today app was born from a place of pain and suffering.

I won’t tell you the whole story, but app creators Gerard and Jeannie Long suffered the deaths of two of their three children. How do you go on after that? They almost gave up.

Before you read further, I encourage you to watch this brief video about the Longs and what brought them to where they are today.

This story, while heartbreaking, is a story of their journey from incredible pain to awe-inspiring victory.

And they want everyone to experience the incredible love and mercy of God that they have experienced. So they created the ATG Today app.

I am really enjoying this app. Like a lot of people, I am not as diligent as I should be with my daily devotions. But this app is really, really helpful!

Basically, the app allows you to journal your walk with God, and if you will spend simply 8 minutes of your day, you will find yourself growing ever closer to your heavenly Father.

Here’s what happens during these eight precious minutes:

Minute 1 – meditate on two things you’re thankful for

Minute 2 – memorize and meditate on the day’s verse (they give you a daily verse)

Minutes 3 – 4 – Ask God to speak to you; and listen for His voice

Minute 5 – Give God the day. Ask for His guidance for every part of the day ahead.

Minute 6 – Think about one way you can reflect Christ today

Minute 7 – Write down what God has shown you (you will do this right in the app)

Minute 8 – Thank God for the day and ask Him for boldness and courage in your opportunities to share His love

Can’t you (won’t you!?)commit to giving God 8 little minutes of your day? It’s so exciting to go back through the journal on the app and see what you’re praying for, what God has been speaking to you about, and how prayers have been answered.

And not only that, (but wait…there’s more!) for every app download, you’re helping others, because ATG promises that all profits from the App will go toward providing clean water (a well in 100 villages), 40,000 meals, 15,000 mosquito nets and medical services to the poor and suffering in India. For example, your purchase of the App will provide a meal for 5 people!

Here’s what you can expect the app to do for you:

  • Now you can journal your walk with God on your Smartphone, Tablet etc.
  • Create and remember significant touches from God, everyday events, thanksgiving and prayers.
  • Build your faith through scripture memorization and by looking back at answered prayers.
  • Inspiration and guidelines to help you take your walk with God to another level.
  • Learn how to hear from God and to live your day out from 8 minutes with Him at the start of the day.
  • Evening entries to remember your day and give thanks to God.
  • Encourage your family and friends by sharing daily scriptures and thoughts.
  • Inspire and strengthen your family devotions.

Don’t wait! Download the ATG Today app on iTunes or Google Play today.



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