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Summer months are a dreaded time for homeowners. Energy bills skyrocket but it’s too hot to even consider turning off the air conditioning system. While you can’t eliminate your energy bills, you can reduce them. Fortunately, it’s possible to use your air conditioning unit and lower your energy bills without making major changes to your home. Here are three ways you can improve your HVAC system this summer for increased efficiency.

Use a Smart Thermostat to Monitor Temperatures


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Have you ever left the house with the air conditioning running or forgot to turn it off at night even though it was cool outside? By itself, this only might add an extra dollar or two to your energy bill, but these instances can add up over time.

Smart thermostats monitor outside temperatures and adjust your home accordingly. They can also change based on your personal preferences and family needs. Many smart thermostats even let you adjust your home temperature remotely so you can turn off the air conditioning if you left it on when you’re running errands. You can also set it to start cooling your home 20 minutes before you arrive. More control and better options are just two steps to lowering energy bills.

Replace Filters Regularly

Your heating and cooling system has to push air through the filter for it to travel around the house. When your filter is new, this isn’t a problem. However, over time, your filter will start to get filled with dust, pet hair, and tracked-in dirt. This causes more work for your HVAC system because it has to run harder and longer to get the air through.

Ideally, you should change your air filter every month. Try to set a reminder on the first of the month or on a day that you pay a monthly bill. This way, you always associate a certain day with changing your air filter. Not only will your HVAC system stay healthy, but it will also collect more dirt and dust so you breathe easier.

Schedule HVAC Tune-ups

While changing your air filter is a good start, there are other HVAC maintenance issues that you need to account for. Twice a year, call your local HVAC provider and ask them to come to your home for a regular maintenance checkup. Many companies have a diagnostics list they run through to check for potential problems in the future, like checking to see if your HVAC units are underpowered and pulling more energy as a result.

These checkups can also work to lower your energy costs. By optimizing airflow and cleaning hoses, your HVAC technician can make your system run better and reduce stress on your equipment. Just like rotating your tires improves your gas mileage, regular HVAC checkups help your energy bill.  

A healthy HVAC system is an efficient HVAC system. By investing in the right tools to use your system efficiently and monitoring the health of your HVAC unit throughout the year, you can prevent breaks while lowering your energy bills.

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