Chillafish BMXie-RS Balance Bike – Awesome Outdoor Play!

Every now and then, a product comes to our attention that we just fall in love with! The Chillafish BMXie-RS is one of those awesome products!

Chillafish sent us one to try out, and our little guy loved it from the start.

If you have a big kid and a little kid, you know that the little kid invariably wants to do what the big kid does!

The big kid loves to ride his bike, and the little kid, who’s only 3 and a half years old, thinks he should be able to ride one, too. But until we were introduced to balance bikes, we figured that this was impossible. Not so!

BMXie Deacon smiling by tree

When the bike first arrived, our little guy saw it and immediately started saying, “Bike! Wow!” He could tell that it was just his size and could hardly wait for us to get it out of the box. Assembly was super easy and took only a few minutes from box to biking with no tools required, and within about 5 minutes he was on his way (all under the watchful eye of his protective big brother!). 

The BMXie-RS bikes make so much sense. If you’ve ever taught a kid how to ride a bike (remember the endless huffing and puffing and you ran alongside???), then you know that the most difficult part is for them to master balancing and peddling together. But the BMXie bike takes the peddling aspect away so your little ones (as young as 18 months) can focus on just learning the important skill of balancing.

BMXie By tree

Research shows that learning balance and coordination with exercise jump-starts a child’s growth and development during the important formative years of early childhood.

BMXie Deacon smiling

Another aspect of this bike that’s fun is that your little one can choose one of the included decals to customize their bike.

BMXie PicMonkey Collage

Let’s talk for a minute about what the ‘RS’ stands for in BMXie-RS. It’s for Chillafish’s latest innovation: a new special kind of tires. Airless RubberSkin tires give you the best grip possible, and you don’t even need to inflate them. A foam core means they cannot puncture; an outside rubber layer makes them just like rubber tires, unlike other foam tires on the market. Great grip and no pumps – that’s best of both worlds. 

BMXie close up of wheel

This bike is super light (see him carrying it around?), and has a place for little feet to rest out of the way while your child is balancing and gliding.

BMXie Deacon carrying


bmxie deacon laying down



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