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Every now and then, we come across a company whose products are intriguing. And that was the case with Volt Resistance. They offer a full line of heated clothing products to keep cold out and comfort in, and they were kind enough to send me one of their heated jackets to try out and share with you.

Volt Resistance heated clothing was developed to provide a solution to people who suffer from the cold in situations where the body is not able to provide the warmth needed. If you hate being cold, Volt offers a complete line of heated products with their patented Zero Layer® heating technology that allows you to manage your thermal comfort regardless of the temperature. The back story is that the company’s founder wanted to find a solution for his mother, whose feet were cold even indoors and he vowed to help. And he did! He created a pair of heated slippers that I’m sure were a Godsend to his mom. Because of the success of the Volt heated slippers and subsequent development of their patented Zero Layer® heating system, the Volt Resistance product line quickly expanded. Not only is Zero Layer® the safest and most efficient thermal management system yet devised, it also allows  unobtrusive integration of the heating system into a wide range of products from fashionable jackets and vests to gloves, socks and therapy wraps. So here’s the deal: this company was born from the love for a mother. You gotta love that!

This is my friend Grace. She was visiting a few days ago and was cold inside the house (I’m not sure how that even happens in Florida!). So I said, “Grace! I have just the thing for you to try if you’ll be my model.” She was a reluctant model, but absolutely loved the jacket! (No, Grace, you can’t keep it!)

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The first thing you’ll notice is that this jacket is cute; both athletic and stylish. It’s pretty thin (but warm!), so you can easily wear it either under or over other garments. It’s a half-zip style with contrasting stitching. It has a touch of spandex with a super comfortable, soft brushed fleece lining. It has a stand up collar, the fabric has antimicrobial properties and it’s even machine washable, which is wonderful.

Here’s how it works: you first charge a 5 volt USB powerbank battery (the kind that would give you a portable power source for your phone, for example). And I love this jacket so much that if I’m planning to be out for awhile, you can bet I’ll have a spare battery ready to roll.

After charging, you connect the battery to the jacket inside the pocket.


After plugging in the battery, you hold down the power button for three seconds and it will come on, then cycle from red (high) to blue (medium) to green (low) and back to RED. The warm up is supposed to take about 5 minutes, but we found that it warmed up in only about 2 minutes. The heat targets the back of the neck through the collar and the upper back between your shoulder blades. The heat provided a nice, gentle warmth. Nothing uncomfortably warm, and with the three power settings, you’ll get exactly the amount of heat you want.

When the jacket is on and heating, you’ll see the power button lit up.


By using a 3 level external silicone switch, you can easily change heat settings and visually confirm which setting the jacket is on.  As with all of the Voltheat.com products, the lower the heat setting you are on, the longer the battery will last.


There’s a stylish zipper pocket on the left sleeve that is the perfect size for your cell phone or other item(s) that you need to have with you.


Take a look at this short video for some great info!

The only thing that we feel you need to be aware of is that these jackets may tend to run a bit small. Grace wears a size medium, or 8 to 10 in “real life” and this jacket is an extra large. It fit her pretty well and she just had on a t-shirt underneath, but she is definitely not an extra large sized girl, so you may want to order a size up when you purchase your jacket.

Bottom line? This jacket is superb. It’s easy to use, the battery lasts a good long time, and it is budget friendly at less than $120. That’s a super price for such a superior heated garment. I’ll be taking this one with me to New York City this Christmas. Because I almost froze to death last Christmas. And that isn’t my idea of a good time.

Visit Volt at their website, and definitely go like their Facebook page. They’d love for you to drop by!

But wait! Of course we have a giveaway! The great folks at Volt have offered to let us give one lucky reader a jacket of their own.

Contest is over.

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