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Every so often, a product comes along that we simply cannot wait to get our hands on. And the Fridge Gallery is one such product!

I happened to see a link on a friend’s Facebook page and thought, “That is simply brilliant!” The great folks at Fridge Gallery sent me one to try out and share my thoughts with you.

I absolutely adore it!

fridge gallery 2

Up there is my fridge. Kinda messy. Drives my artist husband crazy. Aside from trying to organize all this stuff every now and then, there’s nothing you can really do. Or is there? Resounding Yes!!!

The Fridge Gallery is a large-area surface pocket, available in a variety of beautiful high-resolution backgrounds, that folds away for easy storage when not in use. It is held securely with magnets or low-tack adhesive pads. Your favorite cards, photos and artwork are placed easily and neatly in the sleek, clear vinyl pockets, creating an attractive, streamlined display.

Check out the difference!

fridge gallery

Everything is neat and orderly and organized. Two of the pockets are “joined” in case you have larger items. It’s super easy to put stuff in, take stuff out, and if I want to take the whole thing off the fridge, I can easily do that, too.

There are a variety of backgrounds that you can choose so that there’s something pleasant to look at even if a picture isn’t there.

The best part is that these are less than $20! Anytime I can get an item that is so useful and gives me so much joy for less than $20, that is a big win-win in my book. I’ll probably get another one for the side of the fridge. It’s messy, too!

Check out this one-minute video with a little more info:

You know what they say…Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Visit Fridge Gallery today and get yours!


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