Product Review: Healtop

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Recently, the great folks who make Healtop products sent me a selection to try out and share with you.

Why use Healtop? Healtop products are manufactured under international standards of GMP, HACCP, ISO90 and are cruelty free. They are vegan and naturopath approved.

Healtop has painstakingly handpicked individual solutions to answer your need to consume natural, safe and efficient products that do… just what they say they will.

They sent me the infant bundle that included everything you see in the photo above:  herbal baby powder, natural diaper cream, natural vitamin c, clean (herbal cleaner of rooms) and baby colic natural supplement.

My absolute favorite product is the ‘clean’ herbal cleaner of rooms spray. The scent is amazing, and I have been known just to walk around the house spritzing it everywhere because it smells so wonderful.


I love the fact that these products are natural and will not hurt the baby. Healtop has great products for toddlers, older kids and adults as well.

The infant bundle would be a fantastic baby gift!

To see all of the wonderful Healtop products, click here.

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