HORMEL GATHERINGS Party Trays – Already Ready!

I received free product in exchange for my honest review

We love to have friends over for the holidays, but it’s a lot of hard work!! Not anymore! We just received a free HORMEL GATHERINGS party tray to try out and share our thoughts with you. Thought #1? We love it!


There are several trays you can choose from and all have yummy meats, cheeses and crackers. Ours even had a container of olives. This tray was $15.98 at Walmart, and trust me, you would not be able to buy these components separately for $15.98, and then you have the hassle of having to spend the time cutting everything up. Nobody’s got time for that!


Even the little ones loved this! We had enough for six people to have their fill, and still had some left over.


HORMEL GATHERINGS party trays are made with high quality meats and cheeses. Ours had hard salami, genoa salami, pepperjack cheese, havarti cheese, crackers and peloponnese pitted olives.


This is truly snacking at its best. And so easy and convenient! Try one today!!

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