100% Pure(ly) Unethical!


Have you heard of the company 100% Pure? If you have, you may have been scammed.

Here’s the deal: this company offered $15 credits to first time buyers and to the person who referred them. Several of us worked really hard to pass the word and great deal with our readers. We earned credits that never showed up in our account.

When asked about this, the company said that their site had been “exploited” and they were going to void any referral credits earned. What does this mean? It means that they had a bunch of people (us included) diligently working to get the word out about their company and then refused to honor their committment. In good faith, we promoted this company. It’s usually a win-win. But when we do our part, and they don’t do theirs, it speaks to their lack of character. Additionally, if your $15 credit resulted in a $0 order, they cancelled it. But there was never a “minimum purchase” required to use the credit. This is unethical at best…is it even legal?


I then got another message from the company asking if they could speak to me by phone. They asked for my phone number and a good time to call. I gave them my number and several times when I’d be available. Guess what. They never called. I’m not surprised. Another example of poor customer service. 

Here’s the takeaway – DO NOT ORDER FROM A COMPANY THAT HAS PROVEN ITSELF TO HAVE UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES. If you have an order problem, will they fix it? If they send an order that’s damaged, will they fix it? If they send the wrong product, will they fix it? Will they send your order at all?

There are enough companies out there who are above-board and trustworthy. Don’t take your chances on one that has proven not to live up to its promises.


  1. AJ T. says:

    Whenever somebody claiming to be a supervisor says the prior rep is out of the office, the prior rep was actually indeed 100 Percent very much in the office.

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