Mrs. Paul’s Seafood and Veggie Solutions at Publix

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Several months ago, Mr. Coupondipity and I were not watching what we were eating…at all. And we were waaaaayyyy out of shape.

Over Christmas, we decided it would be fun to spend Christmas in New York City. And it was definitely fun. But do you know how much walking you do in New York City? We should have known. This wasn’t our first rodeo. I have performed in Carnegie Hall twice, and we’d been to the city a few other times as well.

The subway was two long blocks uphill from our apartment. I teasingly told him to get a cab to take us those two blocks to the subway station. Hahahahah. I was joking (unless of course he did it). I’d hop right in that cab!

When we returned home from that trip (and a trip to Europe was planned for the spring) we knew that we had to do something to take control of our health: our bodies, our eating habits, and our amounts of physical activity.

First up – we joined a gym. And then came the hard part. Eating right takes planning, money and time. We are always trying new recipes to add to the limited foods that we will allow ourselves to have.

We were thrilled to discover Mrs. Paul’s® Seafood and Veggie Meals at our local Publix! This is an easy, go-to meal solution that is not only delicious, but only takes a few minutes to prepare and it’s in line with our eating plan! That is a win-win in our book.


Mrs Pauls in package

There are so many great things about Mrs. Paul’s Seafood and Veggie Meals that it’s hard to cover them all!

First, let’s talk about the taste. Delicious. The blend of veggies in the Lemon Herb Shrimp (barley, spinach, sweet potato and chickpeas) gives this meal a restaurant-quality taste. These vegetables complement each other and are a perfect accompaniment to the plump, juicy shrimp. I can also tell you that this meal was seasoned better than any frozen meal I have ever prepared.

Now let’s talk about how long you’re going to have to slave in the kitchen to get this meal on the table. Let’s see. Five seconds to grab it from the freezer, 7.5 minutes in the microwave, 1 minute to dish it up. In less than 10 minutes, a delicious dinner is on the table.  I love the fact that not only is this a simple meal for two, the serving (half of the bag!) is only 220 calories!


Mrs Pauls calories

You can choose:

Lemon Herb Shrimp
California Style Salmon
Garlic Shrimp

mrs pauls cooked

Mrs. Paul’s Seafood and Veggie Meals start with premium seafood, rich with Omega-3s that are paired with high protein Birds Eye® vegetables and grains. They are seasoned with popular flavors to restaurant quality perfection that steam in minutes. These meals are a good source of protein, which helps build muscle and keeps you satisfied longer.

mrs pauls fork

You will find these in the frozen food aisle at Publix – mine were next to items like fish sticks and fish filets.

Mrs Pauls in Store

And we wouldn’t be doing our job without finding you a coupon! Click here to get $1.50 off any Mrs. Paul’s Seafood and Veggie Meals. The coupon is good from 2/17 to 3/2, so grab it while you can! 

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