Get Down With Your Judgement Free Self at Planet Fitness!


I want to take you back to Christmas, 3 years ago. (December 2015). Hubby and I were headed to New York City, because let’s face it…nobody does Christmas like the Big Apple.

We were staying in a beautiful hotel about two blocks from the subway. Those two blocks were almost straight uphill. We almost died. Or thought we did. We literally discussed calling a taxi to drive us those two uphill blocks to the subway station. Now that is pitiful. (We didn’t do it). When we returned home, we both came to the conclusion that we were too young to be huffing and puffing walking a couple of blocks. Okay – so maybe they weren’t straight uphill, but that’s certainly the way it felt because we were painfully out of shape.

We decided that a far more healthy diet and (gulp!) exercise needed to be tops on our resolution list for the year. My husband had never stepped foot into a gym, and although I had gone in the past, it had been years. It was really a daunting prospect. But we knew that there was a Planet Fitness 2 minutes from our house, so why not check it out? We wouldn’t be able to use distance as an excuse! We’d seen the commercials and thought it might work for us. Of course I’m thinking that once I step foot inside the gym, they’ll lock me in until I do a 2-hour cardio and weight training workout and make me sign away my firstborn in a 27-year contract. With Planet Fitness, that was SO not true!

First of all, they’re extremely warm and welcoming. They gave us a tour, and there were no hulking bodybuilders giving us the evil eye. We were impressed with the equipment, the cleanliness (it doesn’t smell like a locker room), the staff and the training. And there’s no hard sell to get you to join.

Ultimately I joined and got the black card – and because black card members get to bring someone every time they visit, hubby didn’t need to join. Let’s face it, he wasn’t going to go without me anyway. For those of you interested, the black card includes

~Use of Any Planet Fitness Worldwide
~Bring a Guest Anytime
~Use of HydroMassage
~Use of Tanning
~Use of Massage Chairs
~50% Off Drinks
~PF Black Card® Key Tag
~20% off Reebok Products


We also loved the fact that there are several TVs and you can just bring earbuds, plug into whatever machine you’re using and watch your favorite show.

Okay – I have to admit it was several weeks after we actually joined that we got up the courage to put on workout clothes and go to work out. And we were a bit shocked because the first thing that greeted us when we walked in the door was a counter full of pizza. Uhhh…what? Yep – they actually have pizza the first Monday night of every month as a treat, I kid you not.


We have been going ever since. I even go with a group of girlfriends several times a week and we have fun…no, really, we do. I never thought I’d be the person who said I’d have fun working out…but we do!

So you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time,” or “I can’t afford it,” or “People will laugh at me.” I promise you that none of those reasons will hold up. Do you really want to take care of you? Don’t you deserve it? Doesn’t your family deserve a healthy you? First of all, I realize it’s tough to get in the habit, but since most Planet Fitness locations are open 24/7, certainly you can carve out a few times a week for yourself.

And the cost? Right now it’s phenomenal! (But only until January 15th…so hurry!).


You can join for just $1 down and $10 a month with NO commitment. Cancel whenever you want. One dollar is less than a cup of coffee, and if you skip going out to lunch just once, you’ll pay for the entire month at Planet Fitness. Check it out here.

I really can’t stress enough how much easier Planet Fitness is for those of us who are not “gym people”. And something else I’ve noticed? Other members are so supportive. Have trouble figuring out how to use a machine? Someone will jump in and show you. I love the circuit – it’s a room with several machines that you use in order – when you’re done with all of the machines in the circle, you’re done with your workout. Nothing to think about – no workout to plan. But if you need it, just know that free fitness training is included with your membership.

And because I’m a grammar perfectionist, I want you to know that I didn’t misspell ‘Judgement’ in the heading of my post. When Planet Fitness came out with their tagline “Judgement Free Zone”, they misspelled the word accidentally, but then decided it made them different and gave them character. I agree!

So go give them a dollar and join. If you don’t think it’s worth it, just rummage through the couch cushions and get the dollar back. But I bet ya’ a dollar that won’t happen!

Check out their social media to learn more!



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