Adventure Bible Polar Exploration Edition – Go On a Frosty Adventure!

Adventure Collage

See that little guy? That’s Deacon. You see that serious look on his face? It’s priceless – because here’s what he said, “I need to look serious because the Bible is a serious thing.” Isn’t that adorable? At six, he knows that the Bible is serious stuff. But he’s also having fun with his new […]

Book Review: Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

I’ll be the first to admit. I’m not good at writing book reviews. If the book is really great (as this one is!), I struggle with wanting to convey my thoughts while at the same time not giving too much away. It’s a conundrum! I have always enjoyed books that, while fiction, are based on […]

Book Review: Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrews

isaiahs daughter

Mesu Andrews has long been one of my very favorite authors, and Isaiah’s Daughter doesn’t disappoint! Ishma is a five year old girl who has witnessed the horrors of war and her parents being killed in front of her. She is adopted into the Prophet Isaiah’s household where she is treated like a loved daughter, […]

Illuminated Bible: Art Journaling Edition

Bible 1

It’s hard to say what my favorite thing is about this Bible! It’s beautiful and it’s unique. This is a hardcover Bible and it comes in a nice sleeve, so it would be perfect for gift giving. The practice of illumination (or adding decoration to manuscripts) dates back to the early fifth century and continued […]

Book Review: Jody Hedlund’s ‘Newton and Polly’


I always find it interesting to learn about the history of real people. In this case, it’s the fictional story of John Newton, who wrote the wonderful hymn, Amazing Grace. I saw the film ‘Amazing Grace’ and this really made me want to learn more. It’s such an incredible story. When Newton was just a […]

Christmas Love Letters from God


Everyone loves a love letter. And what better love letter could you get than one from God? This beautifully illustrated children’s book will be treasured for years. Inside this hardcover book you will find the story of Jesus’ birth, and peppered throughout the book, your child will find love letters from God that you can […]

Book Review: The Tea Planter’s Wife


Every now and then you’ll pick up a book that you can’t put down. That was the case with The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies. The story takes place beginning in 1920s Ceylon, where young Gwendolyn left her home in England and has married Laurence, a Tea Planter. She loves the estate, but has […]

Book Review – Miriam: a Treasures of the Nile Novel


The Hebrews call me prophetess, the Egyptians a seer. But I am neither. I am simply a watcher of Israel and the messenger of El Shaddai. When He speaks to me in dreams, I interpret. When He whispers a melody, I sing. One of my favorite genres of books is fiction about real Biblical characters. […]

Book Review: Deep Six by D.P. Lyle

deep six

I have a deep, dark secret. When I’m reading a book, in many cases, I will read the characters’ dialogue out loud to see what it sounds like in “real life”. Don’t judge me. And I have to tell you, the dialogue often sounds ridiculous when you speak it out loud. I usually exclaim into […]

Book Review: Family Devotional Bible

Family devotion 1

We are always looking for ways to interact with our boys and teach them spiritually. It’s difficult to find a resource that works well for the whole family, but this Family Devotional Bible works great for us! The Bible is the English Standard Version (ESV) which many of you are probably familiar with. This is […]

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