100% Pure(ly) Unethical!


Have you heard of the company 100% Pure? If you have, you may have been scammed. Here’s the deal: this company offered $15 credits to first time buyers and to the person who referred them. Several of us worked really hard to pass the word and great deal with our readers. We earned credits that […]

Be Cool – Take Care of Your Air Conditioning Unit!

hot person

In today’s world, both homeowners and businesses have come to rely on air conditioning. Not only does air conditioning keep us more comfortable during the warmer months of the year, there are many other benefits as well. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits: When an air conditioner has been properly installed (and […]

New Cash Back App for Groceries! Snap by Groupon!

snap by groupon

There’s a brand new app (very similar to iBotta) where you can get cash back on the stuff you buy at the grocery store – but here’s what’s great; the cash back is higher than iBotta and other apps!!!! Yay! Right now you can get $1 back on milk and $3 back on Huggies diapers, […]

Longlasting, Inexpensive Gel Manicure at Home

gel mani

For me, doing my nails is not a priority because within a day or two they start to chip and look horrible! I don’t have the time, inclination or money to have them professionally done on a regular basis. But I just learned how to do a gel manicure at home, and I couldn’t believe […]

HUGE List of Discounts for the 50+ crowd!

senior discount

Here’s a HUGE list of discounts available for those of you who are 50+ years young. Remember, you have to ASK for the discount…if you don’t ask – you don’t get it. I had no idea there were so many of these. Someone in the Coupondipity household qualifies – I’m going to start saving even […]

Pfabulous and Pfanciful Pfashions Pfor Pfamilies! Pfrom Pfister!


Pfabulous and Pfanciful Pfashions Pfor Pfamilies! Pfrom Pfister! Pfirst things Pfirst… It’s the year 2003, and you’ve just gotten married. Congratulations! In 2006, you and your spouse decide to buy your first home – a ‘starter’ home. It’s small, and more of a fixer-upper than you would prefer, but you have some design skills, right? […]

Scheduling Tweets FREE with Twitter Ads


I’m going to let you in on a secret – did you know that you can use Twitter Ads for free to schedule Tweets? It’s super easy, too! You will have to create a business account (free – just takes a minute) and it will automatically be linked to your regular Twitter Account. Know this […]

Creating a Word Cloud in Wordle.net

word cloud 1

You have probably seen these kinds of ‘word clouds’ online and wondered, “How can I do one of those? They’re so cool!!!” Well, this is a short tutorial on how you can make your own. Step One: First go to the website Wordle.net. When you get there, click on ‘Create’ at the top. Step Two: […]

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget


How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget  Your big day can turn into a big hassle if you are constantly worrying about how much money it will cost you. The numbers can quickly add up, leaving you little leftover to enjoy a honeymoon or life after the wedding. If you need to find areas […]

DIY Lip Gloss!

Rue How-To: DIY Lip Gloss From staff writer, Julia Ivins at Rue la la I’ve discovered the easiest way to make your own uber-moisturizing, inexpensive, and shiny-as-the-department-store-brand lip gloss. All you need? A few items from your makeup arsenal and a tiny bit of patience. Here are the details: Rummage through your makeup and pick […]

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