Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure – Super Fun!


So you’re probably at the point where the kids are back in school after Christmas, and you aren’t even thinking yet about summer vacation! Have you considered a trip to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida? We just took a trip there this past Christmas, and we were simply delighted by all […]

Moana – Take a Look!!!

moana poster

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!! Here in Florida, the ocean is a source of pride and joy, and now Disney’s gone and made a movie about it! I mean, you just might see me in the movie! It’s animated…I’m pretty animated…so… And since we get some of the inside scoop (and we’re hoping to […]

Finding Dory Trailer! Take a Look!

Do you ever have a wish that you were just a little fish? Swimming here and swimming there With not a problem, nary a care? What if you got lost one day? Couldn’t seem to find your way? What then? What then, little fish? Dumped out of your cozy dish? Maybe Dory is your name. […]

New Jungle Book Movie Swings Into Theaters April 15!


I don’t know about y’all (yes, I’m in the south – we say y’all), but we are super excited about Disney’s new version of the Jungle Book swinging into theaters on April 15! I loved the old version – I mean, who didn’t dance around singing ‘The Bare Necessities’? And who didn’t have thrilling chills […]

New Pete’s Dragon Movie Hits Theaters in August!

Petes dragon

Okay – I’m going to tell you a dirty little secret. We have kept our old (ancient) VCR around because our youngest LOVES the movie ‘Pete’s Dragon’ and we only have it on videotape. You know what a videotape is? About the size of a paperback book? Went the way of the proverbial dinosaur? Not […]

THE Best Place to Stay in Orlando!

orlando condo6

As a blogger, I have a lot of great opportunities to go places and see things in order to share my experiences and thoughts with you! Last week we headed to Disney, Universal Studios and the Blue Man Group show. There were going to be 3 or 4 of us. Could we fit in one […]

I’m Not Marshall…But I Want to Be…

we are marshall

Y’all remember that movie? We Are Marshall? It was a great movie. A feel-good movie…inspirational. Here’s the thing. I’m not Marshall. But I want to be. Are you puzzled? I thought so. This has nothing to do with the movie or the university or football. Now you’re really confused. It was just a fun tie […]

Win a Trip to Broadway from H2O+ and Disney!

little mermaid

You might ask, “What do skin care products and Disney have in common?” I’m glad you asked! If you didn’t know already, Disney resorts are upscale properties with great amenities and beautifully appointed rooms and suites. And in the bathrooms of those beautifully appointed rooms and suites, you will find luxurious products. Who provides these […]


legoland bogo

Free Sea World & Busch Gardens Preschooler Passes!

sea world preschool pass 1

There’s never been a cooler time to be a kid! Celebrate at Busch Gardens all year long. Soar through the Sahara, splash around the Nile and play side-by-side with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street® friends. Also, explore the animals and activity of the ocean at SeaWorld. Get nose to nose with a dolphin, beluga or shark. […]

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