Great Tech Gifts!

Great Gifts for Kids!

Vivitar Camelio Family Tablet

vivitar camelio

Every time it seems as though tech companies can’t make anything better or more unique, they come right out and do it! We LOVE this Vivitar Camelio Android Family Tablet! What is so unique about this tablet is that you can customize it with your (or your kids’!) favorite characters! Up to five users can […]

Great Deals for Kids Gifts at Family Christian Stores!


You simply cannot go wrong with any of the VeggieTales products at Family Christian Stores! Not only do your children love them, but all of the DVDs teach a great lesson for the whole family. Your kids will quickly start spouting off the dialogue to each other during the day as they act like their […]

Our Fave Gifts for Women!

Nerium Skin Care – You Deserve It!


During advanced research on the uses of the Nerium oleander plant, an accidental discovery was made: the unique properties of Nerium oleander provided remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. This finding led to the formation of Nerium International and the creation of the NeriumAD skincare line. Nerium scientists developed a breakthrough process, NBio-PL2, […]

BeadforLife – Jewelry That Gives Back!

When you wear BeadforLife jewelry, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re doing good! Their affordable beaded jewelry is handcrafted by Ugandan women working to lift their families out of extreme poverty. BeadforLife is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting poverty by creating opportunities for sustainable income. When you buy from BeadforLife, women are empowered to […]

Gifts for Men

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cool Pillow Case

Comfort Revolution CoolCase purple

We live in Florida, and sometimes it’s hot even in December! These Hydroluxe Cool Pillow Cases keep you cool throughout those warm nights! This would be a great gift for someone who values their comfortable night’s sleep. The Hydraluxe® Cool Case by Comfort Revolution is a pillowcase with built-in cooling gel technology to add soothing […]

Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds

Wonderful Pistachio Holiday Bag

These bags of Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds are great to give as gifts, include in gift bags, or just keep around the house for holiday snacking! What could be better than a few bowls of these for football games? Studies have shown that pistachios and almonds are a great source of protein, and trust me, […]

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