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CVS can be a super place to get freebies and stuff (almost) free! You need to learn how to use the ECB (Extra Care Bucks) rewards. It’s really easy. Just stop by your CVS store and get a free Extra Care card. This will enable you to buy some things at great prices, and also receive ECBs (Extra Care Bucks). The ECBs are just like cash in the store. For the deal above, you would pay 99 cents for the jelly beans, and then receive an ECB for 99 cents, making them FREE! (We love free!). There are a lot of weekly ECB deals, but I am making it easy on you because you’re new to all this.
Here are some things to know about the ECB program:
  • There are usually limits on the promotional items. For instance, the deal above has a limit of one.
  • You must present your ECB card when you check out in order to receive your ECB prices and rewards.
  • The ECB reward is usually good for about 1 month
  • You may use as many rewards (ECBs) as you like in a single shopping trip
  • Join the ECB Beauty Club! This is simple – just have the cashier scan your card and you’re in. For every $50 you spend on beauty items (and this really adds up quickly), you will receive an extra $5 in ECBs. Keep in mind that since you’ll be using coupons to spend that $50, you won’t really spend near that much.
  • Register your card online and you’ll receive bonus ECBs.
  • You will see a red scanner machine right inside your CVS. Scan your card each time you shop and it will print out some great coupons. Scan the card TWICE! Usually, a second set of different coupons will print. These coupons are CVS coupons and can be used IN ADDITION to your manufacturer coupons!
  • You cannot give your ECBs to someone else, unless they also have your card. The ECBs are attached to the card, and must be used with the card that they were earned with.

Feel free to post questions about the ECB program, and I will reply as soon as possible!

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