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Walgreen’s has a ton of ways for you to save, including Register Rewards and Balance Rewards. We’re going to explain both programs, so get ready for reading!

Register Rewards: (referred to sometimes as RRs): These are ‘certificates’ that are printed out at the register when you buy certain items. You can then use the RR on anything else in the store. For instance, if you buy Colgate toothpaste for $3 and there is a $2.50 register reward, when you check out, the cash register will print out $2.50 for you. You can then take that and buy whatever else you need; toilet paper, shampoo, vitamins, whatever. It’s like free money!

Things to be aware of at Walgreen’s:

  • You will only receive one register reward for the same item. You cannot buy two of the same item and get two register rewards. You can ask the cashier to ring duplicates up separately. Usually they have no problem with this. You could also ring one item up at the pharmacy and one at the front of the store. If it’s a particularly good deal, I’ll stop at another Walgreen’s when I’m out or stop by the next day if I’m out and about.
  • You cannot use register receipts to pay taxes. If your total with taxes is $10, you cannot use a $10 register receipt, you will need to use a smaller denomination.
  • You cannot use a register reward to buy the same item that you earned it on…if you do, it will not print out another one. For instance, you buy Colgate toothpaste and get a $2.50 register reward. Then in a separate transaction, you buy another Colgate toothpaste…if you use the register reward that you just received, it will not print out another one. You need to use your register rewards on different items.
  • You must purchase one item PER register receipt/coupon that you want to use. Cost is not the issue here. If you’re using five register rewards worth $30, you have to buy five items; you cannot purchase just one item for $30.
  • You can buy what we call ‘filler items’ to make your item count right. For example – if you have 5 register rewards and four items, purchase a cheap ‘filler’ item (candy, a pencil, etc.) to make the fifth item for your fifth RR to ‘attach’ to.

Balance Rewards Program

You can  sign up online now, and you’ll be able to get points for all qualifying purchases immediately.

The basics:

  • Earn points for making healthy choices, such as getting an immunization or participating in Walk with Walgreens.
  • Earn points for purchasing specific items
  • Points will not expire as long as members remain active by shopping at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem their points within three years.
  • Members may earn and redeem points for both in store and online purchases.
  • Exclusive benefits for AARP members.


  • Points will not apply to rain check items purchased after the promotion has ended.
  • Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or Store Credit is used. (Redemption Dollars are the credits you get for your balance reward points) This means that if you use your credit, new point will not be earned for that transaction.
  • Balance Rewards will not apply to and Points cannot be earned on purchases of: alcohol; dairy; tobacco; stamps; phone/prepaid cards; money orders/ transfers; transportation passes; lottery tickets; charitable donations; pseudoephedrine or ephedrine product; prescriptions, health tests, contact lenses or any other pharmacy items or services that must be excluded by law.
  • All Points will be awarded to the Member’s account 3-5 days after purchase.
  • Earned Points are converted into Redemption Dollars in five (5) tiers:
    (1)  5,000 points = $5
    (2)  10,000 points =$10
    (3)  18,000 points =$20
    (4)  30,000 points =$35
    (5)  40,000 points =$50
  • Redemption Dollars will not be paid out in cash or Store Credit.
  • When returning items paid with Redemption Dollars, the Redemption Dollars will be refunded to Member in the form of store credit.
  • You can earn points for each qualifying item that you purchase – for example: if the purchase of one Crest toothpaste will give you 1000 points, then if you purchase two, you’ll get 2000 points, and so on.


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