Medieval Times – Fun for the Whole Family! Win Four Tickets!

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For the last several weeks, everything in our house has been about Knights in Shining Armor, jousting and the like. When the boys found out that we were going to Medieval Times, they watched a few videos and got super excited!

The entire evening was a rousing success.

When you approach the castle, you enter and are immediately checked in. You’ll then have time to take a look in the gift shop or have a beverage while you’re waiting to enter the arena. You can also have a photo taken with the princess or the king. Each guest is assigned a Knight to cheer on. Ours was the Black and White knight. You are allowed to enter the arena as you are called by color. The process goes smoothly and quickly.

Guests sit in bleacher style seating with long tables in front of them. (Tip: go to the bathroom before the show starts – it could be hard to get out if you’re in the center of a row…plus you don’t want to miss one exciting minute of the action!).

You will have a dedicated server and you’ll eat everything with your hands! The boys thought this was too cool. Our menu consisted of:

Tomato bisque
Roasted chicken (an entire half a chicken!)
Freshly baked bread
Herb crusted roast potato
Sweet corn on the cob
Lemon pound cake
Unlimited soft drinks

As soon as the food is being served, the show begins. There are knights and kings and princesses and horses! The show starts with beautiful pageantry and the introduction of the knights, to which there is wild roaring and cheering throughout the arena. The knights participate in contests both on and off their horses, and our boys were simply entranced. There’s even a bad guy.

Finally, the winning knight fights the bad guy to the death. But don’t worry – it’s not gory or scary. Our knight, the Black and White Knight, won the day and the boys cheered until they were hoarse.

After the show we toured the castle grounds and the medieval village displays. We homeschool, so this was a perfect time for some education.

All in all we had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to go back. If you’d like to visit, you can check out this link to find a location near you.


And get this! Medieval Times is giving away 200 tickets! You can win a four-pack for your family. Just go here to enter. Five random winners will be selected monthly through September 2020 for a total of 50 winners! Winners will be notified via email during the first week of each month. Tickets will be emailed within two weeks. Not valid Saturdays at the Buena Park, CA castle. Good luck, loyal royals!



  1. free web hosting says:

    This looks awesome! We’ll have to check it out!!!

  2. Carl Wright says:

    This is so cool. I think there is a Medieval Times that has come to Toronto which is 90 minutes away for me. Might be worth checking out. Thanks for sharing! :)

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