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When the wonderful folks at Ecuadane approached me to see if I’d like to take a look at one of their products and share my thoughts with you, I was thrilled after seeing what this company stands for.

Here’s the story: The name comes from the company’s founders’ backgrounds – Ecuadorian and Danish. When they visited Otavalo Ecuador with their three daughters, they were spellbound by the stunning textiles made by the local Otavaleños and knew that a company was born. Not only did they want to share these unique, handwoven products with the world, but they wanted to combine the traditional South American design with simple Nordic style. Not only that, but they are committed to having the greatest respect for the environment, so all of the textiles consist mainly of recycled fibers.

Ecuadane is a family-run business and they give 5 – 10% of their profits to Ecuador and various humanitarian efforts, such as children’s hospitals and schools. So every purchase you make helps to give back to those in need.

They sent me the gorgeous Antisana blanket.

Ecuadane 1

It’s difficult to say what my favorite part of this blanket is! Of course I love the fact that it’s handmade. It makes me feel as though I have a genuine connection with the hands and the person who crafted it.

Ecuadane 2

I have noticed in the past that blankets that are really well made sometimes tend to be scratchy and uncomfortable. Not so with this Ecuadane blanket! The weave is soft and supple, warm and cozy.

Ecuadane 5

The whole family has fallen in love with it. And with its mega size of 93″ x 82″, several of us can wrap up together and watch a movie or favorite TV program. And this is definitely snuggling weather!

The vibrant colors and geometric patterns will compliment the decor of your favorite room. Throw it over the back of a sofa or your favorite comfy chair to instantly brighten and warm your space. Take it on a picnic, camping, or spread it out and simply watch the stars.

Ecuadane 4

The Antisana blanket is named after the volcano by that name in the Northern Andes in Ecuador. This blanket, like all other Ecuadane blankets, is characterized by its ultra-soft quality and generous size. The blankets are non-allergenic and mainly use recycled textile fibers (95% acrylic) and the softest alpaca wool (5%).

  • Ultra-soft quality
  • Mega size 93’’ x 82’’
  • Made of 95% recycled textile fibers
  • Lifetime warranty on all blankets

Ecuadane 6

Take a look at this video to see where Ecuadane’s products are made!

There are several striking patterns from which to choose for the perfect blanket for you. Ecuadane also has scarves, ponchos, and other exquisite products.

Any of these items would make a fabulous gift for your friends and loved ones, and don’t forget – your purchase helps to give back!

Take a look at Ecuadane’s products here.

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