Book Review: Holy Land Illustrated Bible

Holy Land Bible 1

Okay – two things: let’s be clear; I’m not reviewing the Bible. I think God is a perfect author. I’m just sharing my thoughts about this particular Bible. Secondly, I was provided a complimentary copy so that I could share my thoughts with you.

I have always wanted to visit the Holy Land and we’ve never traveled there. Truth be told, Mr. Coupondipity is a little bit hesitant to visit anywhere in this region. Me? I’d go in a heartbeat. The history and beginning of my Christian faith is based in the Holy Land. And that’s why I love this Bible. There are so many fascinating elements in this Bible, from the photos, to the images, maps and illustrations. This is the CSB (Christian Standard Bible) translation.

Here’s more info:

The CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible is a visually immersive Bible reading experience featuring over 1,200 images, maps, and illustrations to provide greater insight and understanding of the people, places, and events of scripture. Book-specific introductions provide the setting and circumstances of writing for each book, and every image includes a descriptive caption to help better understand what is pictured.

Features include:

  • 1,200+ images, maps, and illustrations
  • 275 full-length commentary articles
  • 40+ “Digging Deeper” call-outs

Holy Land Bible 2

I could totally get lost in the photos. It really transports you there where so many historical events took place. Another thing I really like is how easy to read the text is. It’s very clear and legible.

Holy Land Bible 3

Take a look at this video overview:

You can get a copy for yourself by clicking here. Or how about this? The publisher has graciously agreed to allow me to give one of these away! Just head over to our Facebook page here, and tell me what you’re most thankful for.

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