Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Here’s the scenario: you have a job interview. It’s important. You HAVE to get this job. You rush around the house, feeding one kid cereal, cleaning up spilled juice from another kid, taking the dog out, packing lunches, finding your other shoe which the dog carried to the laundry room and buried under a pile of last week’s laundry, and finally you have on your power suit and you’re ready to kill the interview. You reach into your purse to grab your keys, and…they’re not there. You look on the counter. Not there. You look in the junk drawer. Four thousand unlabeled keys are in there…but not your car keys. You start yelling at your kids, your husband, the dog, and anyone else within ear shot. Shoulders all shrug in harmony.

By the time you finally find your keys buried underneath your four-year-old’s bed sheets, it’s too late. The interview time has come and gone and you’ve missed it. A call to the human resources department confirms your greatest fears. You missed the interview and another candidate was offered the job. Now you’re going to have to take a job as the lunch lady at your kid’s elementary school.

You want to know how you could have prevented that whole problem? With Keysmart!

KeySmart !

The uber cool Keysmart Pro has partnered with Tile to offer the world’s first trackable key holder. It’s super easy – you just put your keys on the key holder, pair your phone with the app, and voila! When keys are lost, your phone will transmit a signal and cause your keys to beep anywhere they are located, allowing you to quickly find them.

Take a look at this short video:

But wait! There’s more! You can use the Keysmart to make your phone ring if it’s missing – even if it’s on silent! Now that is genius!

The Keysmart Pro will organize up to 14 keys into one compact little package, and it’s rechargeable.

KeySmart !2

These come in several different colors, and would make a wonderful gift. Get one for yourself and one for someone you love. They will love you for it!

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