Travel Tools to Make Traveling in Style Easy!

Getting your suitcase together is often the hardest part of traveling abroad. The overwhelming need to prepare for every contingency has travelers filling up every inch of luggage with stuff. Preparing your packing list doesn’t need to be a hassle, though. Traveling in style is easier than ever before with travel tools like these.

Travel Pillows

travel pillow

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Overseas travel means long flights, and any pillows that the airline provides will be less than comfortable in comparison to your personal stock. Bringing along a high-quality ergonomic travel pillow makes plane and train rides more bearable. Travel pillows also ensure that you have a comfortable sleeping surface if your accommodations prove to have pillows that are less than ideal.

Wallet Ninja

It’s difficult to fit an entire toolkit into an overnight bag, and many airlines have banned passengers from packing the classic Swiss Army knife. The Wallet Ninja looks to solve that dilemma with an elegant solution. This flat multi-tool is the size of a credit card and boasts surfaces that perform an astounding list of functions. The Wallet Ninja is a smartphone stand, a screwdriver, a box and letter opener, a can opener, a ruler, and so much more.

Shake Bag

Shopping trips in overseas markets are fun, but they can also be stressful if you arrive underprepared. The cheap plastic and paper bags that most shops provide can’t hold up under the pressure of all-day use, and most disintegrate before you return to your hotel. This becomes especially problematic if you’re spending a day lounging on the beach, an environment where you’re sure to get all over your newest purchases.

To keep your purchases clean and secure, invest in a Shake Bag. This sturdy tote bag can stand up to the abuse of the day, and thanks to a bottom flap and mesh lining, it’s ideally suited to keeping sand and grit out of your stuff.

Quality Smartphone

Smartphones are perhaps the most essential piece of technology, especially when you’re on the road. A mobile device and access to communication tools across a wide spectrum are a potent combination, whatever the brand on the phone. When you’re traveling overseas, you need both a reliable device and a fast network, like the Galaxy S7 Edge with T-Mobile’s international data plan.

With this combination, you’ll get both a smartphone that will make your trip less stressful and a network that keeps you connected almost anywhere. T-Mobile’s international data plan is ideally suited for travel, especially when you’re going overseas. The carrier’s robust international network means that you can stay in touch wherever you roam, and the unlimited international plan prevents you from racking up costly overages.

Travel Apps

Although your smartphone itself is a vital travel tool, it’s only as helpful as the apps you’ve installed on it. With the right programs, your smartphone can serve not only as a communication hub, but also as a map, a guide to shops and restaurants, a payment method, and a means of booking flights and hotel reservations. Add big-name apps like Uber and Airbnb, but don’t forget to search around for other lesser-known apps that will make your next trip a breeze.

Cord Winders

Many of the devices that you travel with come with a hazard of their own: cord loss. It’s all too easy to forget your laptop power supply or a smartphone charger when packing up your room at the end of a stay. The tangling that results when you throw a pile of cables into a suitcase can also be a hassle to unwind. Cord winders solve this problem by providing retractable lengths of cable on a spool. To tidy up the cables, simply press a button to pull in the excess length. Just make sure you have the right adapters for the local power grid.

While you can’t prepare for every contingency, you can certainly prepare for the most common events if you take the time to plan out your luggage. Find clever, multi-use items like these, and you’ll ensure a better traveling experience.






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