You Won’t Believe This Italian Villa!


One of the whole reasons that I started this blog was to help my friends save some hard earned money.

I have Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget…how about you?

For years now, we have chosen either Homeaway, Airbnb or VRBO for accommodations, and we have never, ever had a bad experience. You get so much more for your money. For the place you’ll see below, we paid less than we would pay for a reasonably-priced tiny hotel room. 

We just got back from Europe a few weeks ago, and I want to share with you what your money will do for you on one of these websites!

Check out this villa…it was about $150 per night. You aren’t going to believe it. You will see some of the people we were with, but I’m not in the video since I was shooting it.

I’m not exactly sure why the “cover” photo on the video is of the bidet…

Usually the photos you see on apartment listings are a bit better than the “real life” stay. But with this place? This photos didn’t come close to doing it justice. When we walked in, we thought we were being punked. I mean, really, a huge Italian Villa overlooking the Bay of Naples on the Amalfi Coast with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, FIVE sitting rooms, huge kitchen, several balconies, etc. for $150? No way. 

There are a few things you need to be aware of when booking accommodations with one of these sites:

1. Only book listings that have several reviews. No reviews…stay away!

2. Make sure that it has the amenities that you want/need. For us, we require Wifi, air conditioning if in a warm month, and an elevator if it’s above the 2nd floor. Will you have a car? Does it have parking? Is there a fee? Do you need a washer/dryer? 

3. Make sure if it says “one bedroom” that they don’t actually mean that it’s a studio with a futon. In Paris, you’ll see “one bedroom” a lot when it’s actually a studio. 

I can’t stress enough that traveling this way not only saves you money, but gives you incredible places to stay and people to meet. Just this past December, we rented a brownstone in Harlem, New York. The owners lived in the top four floors and our apartment was on the bottom. It just happened to be over Hanukkuh, and they invited us for a Hanukkuh dinner. It was fabulous. Although we aren’t Jewish, it was wonderful to get a glimpse into their beliefs and culture. 

So how about it? You ready to give it try? Maybe rent that Italian villa up there? Where will you go???

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