Why Should You Visit Italy?


Italy remains one of the world’s most iconic and romantic vacation destinations in the world.

I have been lucky and blessed enough to visit this stunning country on several occasions, and words don’t do it justice. Actually, the photos don’t really do it justice, either. Italy has to be experienced!

Salerno Duomo Crypt

Each of these photos was taken on one of our trips to Italy, and we just can’t get enough of this country, her people or the food!

The very top photo was taken at Paestum, an area in southern Italy with Greek Temple ruins. It’s pretty amazing.

The photo directly above was taken in the crypt in the Salerno Duomo. We didn’t even know it was there. We saw a church and wandered in. Then we saw a sign for stairs basically saying, “Crypt…this way.” We figured we’d just take a peek. We couldn’t believe the awe-inspiring beauty of this place, and there was hardly anyone in there.

And the food…I did mention the food, right?

Principe Restaurant

Buffalo Mozzarella Lunch

You do not have to bust the budget to get an absolutely incredible meal in Italy. One of our favorite restaurants offers several courses and wine for about $50 for two people. And it’s worthy of any Michelin star. Take a look at my reviews on Tripadvisor from our two faves, Il Cavaliere dei Conti in Vietri sul Mare and Cicirinella in Salerno.

Every area of Italy has its own personality and character, from La Serenissima (Venice), to the hustle and bustle of Rome, to the laid back atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast.

Bridge of Sighs Burano

Everywhere you turn, there’s something incredible to see and experience. Stay in a little villa in Lubriano, visit the hill town of Orvieto, or have lunch next to the river in Bassano del Grappa.

Lubriano Orvieto Bassano del Grappa Bridge

Maybe you’re into ruins? We’ve already mentioned Paestum, but a visit to Herculaneum (think Pompeii’s little sister) is worth a day trip.


A visit to Italy doesn’t have to break the bank, and is worth every cent. You can find spacious Airbnb accommodations for less than half of what you’d pay for a hotel. Sightseeing is inexpensive or free, and we’ve already said the meals are scrumptious. Maybe you have to save for five years to pay for your dream trip. Do it. See it. Experience it. Life is short…

Here’s a tip! Want to make your own Italian dinner? We like Barilla pasta the best. Check out their page for recipes and ideas.

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