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There is no better way to discover a city, neighborhood or culture than by the food! And taking a food tour is one of our musts when we travel. We learn about history, culture, taste fabulous food and drinks, meet friends and find those hidden, off the beaten path places that you wouldn’t find on your own.

This one is in Prague, (Taste of Prague) and it’s one of the best days we had. We have enjoyed this particular food tour so much that we have taken it three years in a row and sent several friends and family members.



Meet Jan, our tour guide. Born and raised in Prague, he is a self proclaimed foodie and has a passion for sharing Prague’s food culture with visitors, who end up being friends.

Although it’s billed as a “Foodie Tour“, don’t be fooled. It is so much more than that. We loved the fact that there is a maximum of six people on the tour. That gave all of us the opportunity to be really involved. As an overview, you and your tour guide (Jan) who grew up in Prague, will travel by walking (very easy pace) and try food items at six different places that highlight the food of this wonderful city.


When you arrive at one of the stops, you are immediately seated and food is served. There’s no wasted time here! Everything we tried was fabulous and top-notch.


But the greatest part of the tour is the personal touch and the history and perspective that you gain from Jan. Speaking and interacting with someone who lived through the changeover from communism was fascinating to us. And Jan is a wealth of information about this city that he loves.

Prague Food Tour

We would be hard-pressed to say which part of the tour was our favorite – but we will say that it’s one of the best tours that we have ever experienced. We are thrilled that we got to know Jan and we would highly recommend you take this tour at the beginning of your Prague visit, because Jan is a great resource, and you’ll likely want to visit some of these restaurants again before you leave. Can’t wait to come back to Prague and do this one all over again!

Visit their website here, and tell him we sent you!

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