Book Review: Daughter of Jerusalem

This is a wonderful, fictional account of the life of Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalen. She lived during the time of Christ, was one of His most devoted followers, and had a unique relationship with him, bearing witness to his ministry, crucifixion and resurrection.

Although the book is a fictional story of “what might have been”, there is enough factual and historical information so that not only are you highly engrossed in the story, you’re learning something as well.

The story starts with Mary at 10 years old. Her mother has passed away, her father has remarried and had two additional children, and Mary is sent away by her stepmother to live with her Aunt Leah, where she must confront situations and relationships that she has not had to deal with before.

She becomes friends with Daniel, and when their lives begin to move forward, things change, and not for the better. Mary is sold into a loveless marriage and feels abandoned by not only her family, but by God, Himself.

Eventually she returns to Capernaum, and this is where her life finds true meaning. She meets Jesus and quickly becomes part of His inner circle, staying faithful to Him even through the crucifixion, which she witnessed firsthand.

I always enjoy books that breathe life into biblical stories. Joan Wolf’s ‘Daughter of Jerusalem‘ makes the time, place and characters jump right off the pages.

Please understand that this is a fictional story, but weaves together a plot that pleases. You’ll enjoy this book! I certainly did!
Daughter of Jerusalem

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