Jesus Today Devotions for Kids

Jesus Today for Kids

Our little guy is thrilled with the devotional books that he’s gotten in the past few weeks! This little guy has such a tender heart and love for the Lord.

Jesus Today is by the same author who wrote the wildly popular ‘Jesus Calling’. You probably have a copy of it!

One of the things that we love about this devotional book is that each entry is as if Jesus is personally speaking to your child, and telling him (or her!) how much he dearly loves them.

One of the central themes for us this year with our children is impressing upon them that Jesus has a special purpose and plan for their lives, and even though they’re young, they can begin to discover that plan. ‘Jesus Today’ is an excellent resource and accompaniment to our own teaching.

The devotions are based purely on scripture and we are thoroughly enjoying reading each one together and discussing them. We have also found that this is a great way to teach our children how to find certain passages in the Bible: whatever scripture is on that day’s devotion is then looked up by the kids in their Bibles, so they’re learning their way around.

Each reading is only two pages long, and ends with three scriptures, so although it’s easier for little minds to grasp, there’s plenty of “meat” for you to chew on. (Can you tell I’m on a diet??)

We have found that this book keeps our kids engaged and intent on learning these scriptures and promises of God in a relevant and memorable way. We also like the fact that the readings are not based on the calendar, but rather are numbered Day One…Day Two…Day Three…etc. That way, when busy lives get in the way and you have to skip a day, you’re not actually “behind”.

This book is teaching our children that Jesus is ALWAYS there for them and they can count on His promises 100%!

About the book: Hardcover, 368 pages and Age Range, 6-10 years


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