New Pete’s Dragon Movie Hits Theaters in August!

Petes dragon

Okay – I’m going to tell you a dirty little secret. We have kept our old (ancient) VCR around because our youngest LOVES the movie ‘Pete’s Dragon’ and we only have it on videotape. You know what a videotape is? About the size of a paperback book? Went the way of the proverbial dinosaur? Not at our house…because we have to watch Pete’s Dragon. Over. and Over. and Over.

But Disney is coming out with a new version, and thank goodness, not only can you see it in the theater opening Aug. 12, but I’m sure at some point we will be able to get it on DVD and get rid of the VCR for good! Glory Hallelujah!

Don’t get me wrong…I love the old version. How can you go wrong with the smooth stylings of Helen Reddy singing ‘Candle on the Water’? But it’s time for something new!

And this version has something for everyone…and I mean everyone. Ladies, Robert Redford. Need I say anything else?

Take a look!

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