Book Review: Deep Six by D.P. Lyle

deep six

I have a deep, dark secret. When I’m reading a book, in many cases, I will read the characters’ dialogue out loud to see what it sounds like in “real life”. Don’t judge me. And I have to tell you, the dialogue often sounds ridiculous when you speak it out loud. I usually exclaim into the room (when nobody’s around so they don’t haul me off to the loony bin), “Nobody talks like that! She should say this…”. And then I rewrite the character’s dialogue on the fly and I must say, it’s a lot more believable.

But guess what?! That didn’t happen in Deep Six! Not because I didn’t give in to my wild compulsion to start acting out the characters, but because Lyle’s dialogue is real, gritty, and oftentimes humorous.

Here’s the thing: Jake Longly is an ex pro baseball player with only a few things on his mind (I’ll let you guess). In his spare time, he owns a dive bar where he seems to eat and drink a lot of the profit. But Jake’s daddy, a private investigator, sometimes hires Jake to help with a case. Mostly because owning a dive bar and chasing women isn’t daddy’s idea of what a responsible offspring should be doing.

Jake and his new girlfriend (whom he met when his ex-wife bashed in his car windows with a baseball bat) are on a stakeout for daddy, and the object gets herself murdered, seemingly in front of their very eyes. Daddy is not going to be amused by this turn of events. And you’ve probably guessed by now that some very bad guys think Jake has not only witnessed the murder but will likely sing like a canary if pressed. With girlfriend Nicole, and his sidekick ‘Pancake’ (you oughtta read any book if there’s a character named Pancake!), Jake finds himself in some fairly dicey situations.

There are a lot of twists, turns and unexpected happenings, and Lyle describes everything clearly and with a lot of humor, which I tend to really enjoy.

If you’re looking for a great summer read, this one ticks all the boxes! It comes out on July 5th and you can order it on Amazon here. BUY THE DEEP SIX EBOOK FOR JUST 99 cents 7/5- 7/11/16 (regularly retails for $14.95)

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