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Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some products from Dr. Jacobs Naturals, and share my thoughts with you.

I love these products!

Dr. Jacobs was a Swiss chemist who perfected the long-standing Castilian tradition of making Jabon de Castilla or Castile soap before the turn of the 19th century.

The first product that I tried is the Coco Loco Limeade Loofah Exfoliating Castile Soap. First of all, it makes your shower smell like a Caribbean Party! The fresh and bright scents of coconut and lime are energizing!


This Triple Milled Castile Soap with Organic Shea Butter is made with all-natural ingredients void of any chemical derivatives to give you an experience like you’d find in nature. Dr. Jacobs soaps are the most superior as their process allows them to retain their natural glycerin content producing a much more moisturizing experience than traditional bars can offer. No parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, phthalates. Gluten free. 100% Vegan. 100% recycled paper. Made in USA. Directions: Pour on a washcloth, sponge, or hand. Lather and rinse. Ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Water, Glycerin, Blends of Essential Oils and Fragrance, Organic Shea Butter, Mint Leaves, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Gluconate, Rosemary Extract, Chlorophyllin.


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Then I tried a few of the Face and Body Wash liquid soaps. They both smelled wonderful and made my skin feel so soft and healthy.


You may wonder what Castile soap is.
Castile liquid soap is an all-vegetable oil based soap. It is named for Castile, Spain, where it is known for its olive oil. Previously, Castile bar soap was made with olive oil and animal fat. Now, liquid and solid forms of castile soap are made with vegetable oils including palm, coconut, olive, and hemp.


Why use Dr. Jacobs Naturals? Dr. Jacobs Naturals is 100% natural. Their products are free of synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Dr. Jacobs soap is pure Castile and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. As an all-natural soap, made from olive oil, Dr. Jacobs Naturals will leave skin smooth and silky by forming a protective barrier. This barrier will help skin hold in moisture. Olive oil soap is the perfect addition to a regular skin care routine. As well, for customers who care for the environment, their soap is environmentally friendly. They are completely biodegradable, free of harsh chemicals that pollute our groundwater. They also use recyclable containers and do not use palm oil. Dr. Jacobs Naturals castile liquid soap does NOT have any artificial ingredients, colors, parabens, phthalate, propylene glycol, lauryl/laureth sulfates, and triclosan.


These products would not only be great for you to pamper yourself, they would make a great gift!


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