“Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown” Fun for the Family!


A few days ago we received this hilariously funny “Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown” game to take a look at and share our thoughts with you.

Our thoughts? It’s hilarious!


This game is a little different than the original ‘Watch Ya Mouth’ game. It comes with a deck of Throwdown Cards that have different challenges on them (like putting the mouthpiece in your mouth, holding a pen or pencil in your teeth and drawing a picture).


The game comes with all sorts of fun “Props” from balls, to straws, to noisemakers guaranteed to make each throwdown a barrel of laughs!


And there’s one thing we can definitely promise: there WILL be drooling!

To get your own, go here on Amazon. This would make a super gift, or game to have on hand when you have company!

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